You would like Kaylene. She fell in love with photography while processing her own film in a darkroom and ironically this was during the same time she learned to become a magician on the computer. She giggles often and silently hums music to animate her life. She is night owl (though her young children really put the damper on this). She has a soft spot for animals, practices Vegetarianism and always carries candy. She is meticulous, focused and loyal. She loves happy tears on a wedding day and the clinging leg syndrome plaguing most young children on a photoshoot. She is obsessed with light and adores the famous "golden hour." She thinks life is short and the journey should be savored.

She lives in Chanhassen, Minnesota with her husband (Phil), daughter (Arabelle), son (Hayes), cat (Myles) and dog (Otis). She still considers Colorado and California "home" having been lucky enough to spend a few chapters of her life there and adores return visits. 


You will trust Kaylene. She asks questions and approaches every challenge with tenacity. She immerses herself in the details and emerges with solutions solidly grounded by fact. She has an addiction to design books and frequently references this extensive collection for inspiration. She keeps a journal bedside to document 2am epiphany's and more than once had a breakthrough idea in the shower. She is a natural leader and remembers an appeal to emotions trumps all. She becomes personally invested in the project's success and quickly liked by clients. She believes in the power of design to influence and applies a blend of art & science to every solution developed.

The Greeter,
Comic Relief