Print Your Photos


My daughter's 3rd birthday came and went. It's been a whirlwind. As I browse through images on my computer of my daughter's first days on this earth I realize my perfect dream of a scrapbook depicting her "firsts" never happened. I wanted to give it to her on her 18th birthday - at this rate, the goal is seemingly needing to be more like when she has her first baby.

Despite being a photographer, I've fallen victim to the person that takes the photos and never prints them. I have archives of gorgeous images of my children growing and nothing tangible documenting their days.

As the clock keeps ticking, memories blur & the stack of perfectly selected scrapbook papers gets pushed further back into the corner. I'm beginning to accept I may need to give up on the dream of a handmade scrapbook and resort to something faster. 

If you've found yourself guilty of the same fallout from being part of a "digital world", peruse these ideas to get your memories off your hard drive and into your house:


Artifact Uprising

This shop offers gorgeous hard or soft cover books that can easily grace a coffee table. With completely customizable options or templates, there is something here for everyone.


Milk Books

This shop sells albums featuring Moleskin or Designer fabric covers with exclusive binding styles. These unique albums would make amazing gifts. 


Artisan State

This is one of my favorite places to order custom albums from! With lay flat pages printed on hard board at incredible prices, why not order an extra for Grandma!


// Storytellers Tip // 

Flip through an old calendar to jog your memory (or even scroll through your phone) to remember important events you may have pictures of! 

Include handwritten notes, artwork etc. from throughout the year by scanning it in and using it in your book! Don't have any? Create some! Use this template and have everyone write out a memory. 

Let an image stand on it's own. Don't collage every page. Instead, let an image be a hero.

Chaska Minnesota Family Maternity Minisession


Welcoming a second baby is often as much about the first as it is about the next. It's a big moment when the "first" becomes a big brother (or sister) and helping them feel like their role is as important as even before is central to the family transformation. While there is no way to explain to a child how their life will be different upon the new baby arrival, capturing those last moments of a family of three are important. In these images, you see the adoration of Mom and Dad ring through as they dream of what the next child will bring to all their lives.



Use roadways and sidewalks to draw your eye to the center of the image and create natural lines of sight.


Chaska Minnesota Family Minisession


Thanks to an abundance of rain in June, the road through downtown Chaska was closed off due to flooding but it allowed us to take full advantage of all this town had to offer. Famous for its creamy golden colored brick (Yes! Buildings using it are on the National Register of Historic Places), Chaska, Minnesota offered a fun backdrop for this young family.



Photograph each member of your family in the same location. This creates a series of images that look amazing when framed together and allows each member to shine on their own.