Product Photos: Now Available


Photography is an avenue to tell a story. We’ve all come to treasure those timeless photos overflowing with emotion of memories gone by. Let’s be honest, its why we all secretly love photography so much.

Truth is, products have stories to tell too. Whether its the delicate fabric of a winter scarf or the glitz and glamour of an ornate piece of jewelry, bringing product characteristics to the surface is up to the person behind the lens. When artfully done, the end result elevates the product and fosters feelings of desire to have it.

I recently did a product photoshoot with Noemi Photography and WildRuffle. I'm not sure if it was the beauty of the ladies I spent our afternoon with, or the gorgeous product I was fortunate to shoot; but all things seemed to come together in a stunning fashion.


Visit our commercial page to see more product work and contact me with any questions. I love partnering with new clients!