Inspired by the excitement of new growth, Bloom Creative Co. is founded with a love for anticipating the moment and a promise to keep going.



Everyone has a story. Whether it is the evolution of a brand from an idea to reality or an individual's journey through life - a captivating storyline threads through it waiting to be told. 

With dual degrees in Marketing and Design, Bloom Creative Co. founder, Kaylene Thompson, saw a chance to marry art and science to help brands and individuals breath life to their stories.

Every project, whether it is a design solution or a photo shoot, begins by gaining a complete understanding of the story to be told. Just as each story is unique, the approach taken for each project is as well. The result is a highly personalized outcome guaranteed to leave you smiling. 

We give more. You can expect more. 




Days outside in the sunshine. Flower gardens ready for discovery. Thanks to the unwavering love of Kaylene's parents, her childhood was an indelible daydream. Fast forward 10 years and her world would be rocked by her mother's crushing encounter with breast cancer. After a 5 year fight to keep it in submission, her mother was taken from this world far too early. Leaving behind a legacy of unyielding determination, Kaylene found herself spreading her mother's mantra to "keep going" during a commencement speech from Design school. 

Listen to it here.

Staring out at the crowd she realized this too was her mother's work. She had found her calling and Bloom Creative Co. came into being shortly after.

Just as Kaylene's parents delivered opportunities for smile throughout her life, Kaylene is determined to do the same for every client of Bloom Creative Co. as a lasting tribute to her mother.